Preparation program
1. acidified urine or tissue homogenate increased the pH value of 2 million hydrochloric acid by 3.5. Allow you to sit at 4 degrees for 15 minutes. The centrifuge sample was minim for 2 minutes to remove the precipitation.
2. C18 reversed phase column washed 10 milliliter ethanol followed by 10 ml deionized water.
3. the flow rate was obtained at a slight positive pressure of about 0.5 ml / min. ELISA kit for washing column with 10 ml of water, followed by 15% ethanol 10 ml, 10 ml hexane finally. The eluant sample column was added to 10 ml of ethyl acetate.
4. if the analysis is carried out immediately, the nitrogen flow under the evaporation sample. At least 250? Dry samples of the credit analysis buffer. The vortex is then allowed to sit for 5 minutes of room temperature. Repeat two times. If the ELISA kit analysis is delayed, such as ethyl acetate eluting the sample solution at -80 degrees until the immune system is running. The nitrogen under the vaporized organic solvent flow was tested and reorganized before the operation.

Technical service