The twelfth China Expo of laboratory medicine and blood transfusion reagents in 2015

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By the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association of medical inspection industry branch (CACLP/CAIVD) and the Shanghai exhibition held Baird Limited "Twelfth China inspection medicine 
By the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association of medical inspection industry branch (CACLP/CAIVD) and the Shanghai exhibition held Baird Limited "Twelfth China inspection medicine and blood transfusion instrument reagent Expo is scheduled for March 2015 18-20 (16-17 day exhibition) held in Fujian International Exhibition Center in Xiamen.
"China Laboratory Medicine and blood transfusion instrument reagents exposition" was founded in 1990 on the basis of the national medical laboratory reagent production, supply and Marketing Association. After 25 years of continuous development, it has become the largest professional exhibition of instruments, reagents, appliances and supplies in the in vitro diagnostic industry. It is also the most influential annual event of the in vitro diagnostic industry. The Expo provides a very effective platform for information exchange and expansion of market for domestic and foreign diagnostics and blood transfusion products production and operation enterprises. It is also an important channel to test the circulation field of medicine and the clinical application of laboratory medicine and the managers to obtain the latest information of the subject.
China's in vitro diagnostic industry has maintained over two digit growth over the past decades, and is widely recognized as the most promising market in the world. Along with the deepening of medical reform and the increasing investment of government in medical and health services, we greatly promoted the healthy development of China's in vitro diagnostic industry. During 12th Five-Year, the state will strongly support the R & D and production of domestic medical devices. China's implementation of the principle of priority bidding and the priority of domestic products will provide policy guarantee for the development of domestic medical devices. In recent years at home and abroad continue to emerge in vitro diagnostic products and companies with competitive advantage and competitiveness, in order to fully display the domestic in vitro diagnostic new technology and new products, strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation between production and business enterprises, to promote the rapid development of medical industry in China, "the twelfth Chinese medical inspection and blood transfusion instrument reagent Expo is scheduled for March 18, 2015 -20 day held at Xiamen International Exhibition center.